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Dear Teachers:

At TheStinkFactory.com, we believe teachers are the key to our children’s future success.  You not only teach our children the basic principles of reading and writing but you are also dedicated to helping them become the best they can be, as students and as future leaders.

I created this “Teachers Only” section as an opportunity for you to bring fun and educational learning into your classrooms.

Please join TheStinkFactory.com “Teachers Only” section today and instantly receive access to amazing perks.  Benefits include:

  • 10% discount on all purchases
  • Free teacher-created downloadable Lesson Plans for grades K through 5 (aligned with Common Core State Standards)
  • Free personalizable Dr. Stinky Scratch-N-Sniff Award Certificates
  • Free personalizable Dr. Stinky Scratch-N-Sniff Birthday Certificates
  • Free access to “Teachers Only” special offers and giveaways


Dr. Stinky

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